Thursday, August 11, 2011

Berry Bash-What a Family!

At the end of July we were blessed to get to fly to Missouri/Illinois to see my family. We got to go to the Annual Berry Bash family reunion and my Grandparents "Surprise" 50th Wedding Anniversary! In a world where marriage doesn't seem to be valued very much and spouses are traded in like new cars this example is very precious to me! 50 years! Wow! What an inspiration and a challenge to all of us young married couples! Grandma and Grandpa, I love you guys so much thank you for being a great example for all of us :)

Awww.... Just as adorable :)

I was so excited for my family to meet our little Ezekiel, sad that he is already 4 months old but so excited that he finally got to meet 2 of his Great-Great Grandparents! Yes that's right 2 greats! We are hoping that he will get to meet Great-Great Gpa Grant and Gma Annie around Christmas!

Great-Great Gpa Wayne, Momma & Z, Great-Gpa Berry, & Grammie :)

Great Gma Berry, Momma, Grammie
Great-Great Gma Ruby & Ezekiel

What an AMAZING heritage!!! This little one is so blessed to have so many grandparents! I thought I was blessed to have 1 Great-Great Gma alive when I was born, Ezekiel has 6 Great-Great Grandparents alive and well :)

Oh..... Gma Berry if you are reading this.... you should comment and give us some advice on the 50 years of marriage.... :) Something we all should have asked at the party.... <3

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