Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mission Curtains: Complete :)

I've been wanting to have curtains for our master bedroom for a LONG time now! I actually purchased the material for this project back in January when I was getting this for Ezekiel's nursery, but had NO motivation during my pregnancy to do anything but work on the nursery! The machine that I used to make the curtains in the nursery was like a 1930s Montgomery Ward and half way through the project the motor went out and I had to hand crank the wheel to get the curtains finished. Needless to say I was not about to start on the curtains for my bedroom until I either got that machine fixed or just purchased a new one!

Well my wonderful husband surprised me the other day and bought me a new sewing machine! As many of you know it took me a little bit to get the thing figured out, but it's working! :)

Yes, I am hiding our Window A/C behind those!

I'm in LOVE <3

My next project, when I get around to it........ Pillows for the Sectional in the Living Room!

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