Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Cuff

Well we had our first ultrasound on Friday! It was so exciting to see that there is actually a little being growing inside me.. :) The only bad part of the ultrasound was the 36 oz of water that they told me I had to drink in 15 minutes......NOT a good idea for someone who's 9 weeks.. Just saying! At least they were able to find little baby with out a problem.
Is it weird that even though I have pictures now and all the symptoms it still doesn't seem real to me yet!?
They did say that baby is a little small for almost 10 weeks so they moved my due date back a week. I'm now due May 16th! Maybe I'll still go a week early and have my Mother's Day baby?? Only God knows when this little one will get here!
On another note.... This is for Tyler and Mom and the rest of my family who is not able to see me everyday.... Yes I can't button my jeans anymore and I've only gained 1 pound (whohoo!). Which means its all going to my tummy..haha I think its finally starting to grow a little so I'll post pics whenever I can talk Brian into taking a few....:) And no they won't be plastered on FB...just Unless I change my mind.. which happens all the time now...