Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adventures in Canning and Homemade Baby Food

I've had so much fun making Ezekiel's baby food AND we have saved so much money in the mean time! A friend referred me to the site it's a great sit that tells you what foods are appropriate for baby's age and such, has several recipes for great meal ideas for baby and so many tips on how to cook and store homemade baby food! I'm loving it :)

We recently went to the pumpkin patch, while we were there I picked up a dozen or so honey crisp apples. They were so huge and beautiful I couldn't pass them up, applesauce was inevitable and it turned out so yummy! I made a sugar free batch for Ezekiel and a sweet batch for Brian and I :)

I am so excited about these peaches! If you've never had canned peaches, they are sooooo much better than store bought peaches! We were up to are ears pealing and slicing enough to make about 100 quarts.

Love my boy!! He loves my food ;)

I've been able to make all of Ezekiel's food for about $10/month! I'm loving every minute of it!