Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When I'm Bored, I Bake!

I've decided that there is no possible way that I will ever be super skinny... Simply put: I just love to bake too much! Baking is one of my favorite pass times, I think I made my first coffee cake when I was about 9 using my 4H cookbook. A committed "American Girl" my sister and I loved cooking new recipes out of our Felicity and Kirsten cookbooks. Oh how I wish I still had that book... :) I'll never forget the time Cait and I decided to have our own restaurant at the house when Gma Judy was visiting one time. We had menus and a four course meal complete with desert. So Fun!

Last night I was craving cookies, but I had a dilemma! I have NO chocolate in my house!!! No chocolate chips, no baking cocoa, nothing! So I decided to pull out one of my cook books and looked for something that I actually had all the ingredients for and I found the classic "Cinnamon Coffee Cake" in my Taste of Home cookbook.

Not going to toot my own horn, but this was seriously the best coffee cake I've ever had! So moist! Not to mention the cake batter was delish as well.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm loving InstaFriday! We had a pretty fun fast week :) Brian went Backpacking at Duffy Lake so Ezekiel and I where all by our selves for a couple days last weekend.

Check out Jeannett's page at Life Rearranged, such a fun site :)

life rearranged

Here we go...

Brian went backpacking last weekend so Ezekiel and I went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's house! He didn't like it at first but by the time it was time to get out Z was having a blast!

Swimmin' with the fishies :)

We went to Red Robin for the first time in a while and Z was lovin his sunglasses! He didn't try to take them off even once! Love It!!!!!

Rid'em Cowboy! He's a natural... I guess it's in his blood. :)

How does one look at this face and refrain themselves from slobbering kisses all over it????

Hooray! I went to Joann's finally and picked up some fabric for my throw pillows!

Meet Mr. GrumpyFace! :(
I think we are try to teeth again....

Have a blessed weekend everyone :)