Friday, August 26, 2011


I've decided to try something a little different... Recently I've found myself swimming in several awesome blogs, I keep adding them to my GoogleReader and am loving reading all the blog updates on my Mobile RSS Feed app on my iPad. I'm learning more and more about blogging and have noticed several Link Parties and it seems like there is a huge network of Stay-At-Home-Moms or Work-At-Home-Moms that are connected on this vast space we call the internet.

I'm starting to feel as if I have a social life....haha even though I hardly ever get out of this house....

So here I go! I found out about InstaFriday at this cool blog called the Pleated Poppy!

the pleated poppy blog

She linked up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for this fun time of sharing life through Instagram photos :)

If you have a blog you should join too! Link up with Life Rearranged and check out Jeanette's awesome blog as well :)

life rearranged

Ezekiel was so cute yesterday after he ate his lunch!
I just couldn't pass up this photo opportunity :)

Trying to stay cool!
It finally was hot enough this week for me to convince
my husband to put in our window A/C!

I found a great new cookie recipe!
You can find out how to make this yummy delights at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle!
I was going to put a direct link to the recipe but for some reason her server isn't working, these are called cookies for Mikey or something like that...

Oh the joys of learning how to sew!
I thought I figured out that the problem with my sewing machine was that I had wound the bobbin incorrectly, so I wound a new bobbin... It still is causing me grief so I'm just going with it! I finally finished one of the panels for our Master Bedroom Curtains...

My sweet boy!

I'm thinking he looks a little bit like his Daddy!
Baby Brian pictured on the Right.

Now that wasn't too bad? Was it?!! I'm gonna have to do stuff like this more often.....


  1. my machine does that sometimes too. it is so aggravating when you have to rip out and resew. if you figure out any secrets do share!

  2. I get so frustrated with it.... It will be just fine and randomly does this... I've adjusted the tension, height, width, the bobbin so on and so forth and can't figure it out. I'm thinking I should probably take a class or something, but for now I'm just dealing with it. :) Thanks for the comment BTW!

  3. I think you covered a 1000 things in this post! lol. luv u

  4. Aw your baby is so cute! I just started learning to machine sew like a year or so ago. I used to use my grandma's old Singer (like 50 years old) and every time I would get crazy stitching like that my grandma would come look at the machine and lo and behold I had missed a step in threading the stinking thing. It could be the bobbin or you could've missed a tiny step in threading the machine. Every tiny little thing has to be just right. No worries, you'll get the hang of it!!! Have a good weekend!